August 2019 – Pet of the Month

Vayda is our August Pet of the Month!!!

This fantastic summertime pup is usually very calm and quiet, unless she decides she decides she wants to play with her barnyard cat friends, licking them or gently pulling their tails, always wanting to playing tag.

This lucky and loyal girl lives on a hobby farm with horses and always wants to be around her family and barnyard friends.

Vayda enjoys teasing her human sister Haley, as well and will become very sassy when trying to get Haley’s attention or when she wants to play.

Vayda has recently graduated from Beginner obedience class and is currently excelling in the Intermediate class.

Even though Vadya has webbed feet for swimming she is still uncertain about water. She will wade up to her neck but is still afraid to take her first swimming paddles.

If you are looking for a wonderful beach buddy, just bring the toys and you will not have to look any further than this true summertime princess!

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