Pet of the Month

Enzo – May 2020

Meet the Mosinee Veterinary Clinic’s May Pet of the Month, Enzo!!!

This springtime butterfly was meant to be with his family.  He may have had a rough start in life and long story, short…  His human mom had a stroke and could not care for the him or any of his brothers and sisters.  So, Enzo ended up at the Humane Society for a couple weeks, but since his family already had a dog from his original human mom, his forever family contacted the Humane Society and stated their interest in adopting a puppy.  Now his forever family knew they wanted a puppy but had really wanted to wait till spring before adopting but decided to take a chance and meet Enzo anyway. GUESS WHAT, his family fell in love with him and he came home with them that very evening!!!

Enzo is 100% puppy and a springtime joy!  He loves to cuddle, torment his older dog brother Diesel, and shred any and every piece of paper he can find. He enjoys going on walks with the family, fetching ball and is as bold a pup as you will ever find.   He protects his whole family from the vacuum or anything that may make a loud noise. He thinks he is the bravest beast around and he has captured our hearts to the fullest!!!

He is working hard to learn his commands, but at times he will be stubborn and ignore them.  When it is time to cuddle Enzo always prefers to be in your lap and due to his growing size, they are trying to find a way to let him know that he is no longer a small lap dog.  Enzo can fall asleep in any position, anytime, anywhere, and makes the silliest noises when he sleeps.  This burst into spring has become a great addition to his family and in no way would they trade him for anything in the world!!!

Spitfire – April 2020

Meet our April Pet of the Month!!!

Hello, my name is Spitfire and I am just so happy to have been chosen as Pet of the Month!!!

I may have been born just another feral cat in the fall of 2019, but I was quick to adopt my owner. At first, I would spit, hiss and hunch my back to try and scare my new owner & his family, but this did not work to scare them off, and they would just laugh and say how cute I was acting all tough and standoffish.

Now to let you know about my home life, I get to live in a nice warm shop, and I am always helping my owner work on different projects and types of machines that he has in the shop on any given day. I am also the king and let me tell you I own the shop. I do share the shop though with another feline named Peanut. We play often and even fight occasionally, but we are and always will be the best of friends!

Wolfgang – March 2020

Our March Super Lucky Charm is Wolfgang!!!
Wolfgang (on the left in the photo) showed up as a stray at his family’s home in Oklahoma in August 2014, along with his much smaller sister Calliope (on the right in the photo). Oklahoma unfortunately has a huge stray animal population. Now his family decided that they were going to try and find their original family but failed. Our family decided to do the next best thing and have the two lovely leprechauns see the vet, spay/neuter them, and crate/leash train, and find them forever homes, since our family already had two dogs.
Calliope was accepted into a service dog training program after about two months and she was off to her forever home, now Wolfgang tested just as well and would have been a fabulous service dog, but they said he was just “way too big.” Don’t get us wrong, we had interested families look at him, but his size put all of them off, from worries about fitting in their apartments to how are we going to fit him in the car.
So, Wolfgang, stayed, and moved to Wisconsin with us!
We thought he was part German Shepherd, but his DNA test said 50% Collie and 25% Siberian Husky along with some various mixed herding breeds.
Wolfgang has the husky expressive voice, with lots of “Whooooo” when he’s excited. He loves being outside and no weather is too cold for him, but he does have one little dislike, he hates getting wet. He gets along well with our three cats and our dog Ivy. He enjoys truck rides and going to Canada camping with us. One of his favorite past times is keeping a very close eye on all the area squirrels.
Wolfgang is one pot of gold example of what wonderful pets’ strays make.

Lola – February 2020

Check out our February Pet of the Month, she sure is a sweetheart!
Lola’s family fell in love with this darling little gem the moment they saw her face, and knew she was the perfect little sweetheart to add to the family.
Lola loves to cuddle, give puppy kisses, chase her ball all around the house and going for long walks with her family.
Lola is a very important member of her household, as she brings so much joy and laughter to them, like when she decides to drag her bed around the room, flip it upside down, and then lays on the top of it.
Lola is doing a great job in her puppy training classes, even though she has a hard time settling down at first, but at home she’s the rock star they know she was always meant to be!!
Lola brings joy to everyone she meets with her exuberant tail wag and butt wiggle. Lola’ is also serving as an emotional support dog to a special member of their family.

Athena – January 2020

Meet our January 2020 Pet of the Month!!!

Hi! My name is Athena and I am the happiest gal you have ever met. I live with my mom, dad, and cat siblings. I have the best home, where mom and dad take me for walks, give me lots of pet toys, and where they love to play fetch with me.

My favorite activity in the whole wide world is chasing the red dot! Chasing the dot in the yard is the most fun, but I love it even more when my cat siblings chase the dot alongside me and I truly cannot resist a good treat, well any treat I should say. I have a wonderful spot at my house where I can keep an eye on things and warn mom and dad of anything happening in the neighborhood.

To help pass the time, I like to sit with my favorite stuffed Tiger, who goes everywhere with me, when Mom and Dad come home, I need to show them that Tiger is still right there with me!

Another one of my hobbies is my love for going on cars rides with Dad! When we go, he will often let me ride up front with him and how great is that!? We go to all sorts of places, like the store, or Grandmas and even to my other dog friends’ houses!!

Don’t let my size fool you…. I’m a gentle giant who loves meeting new people and animals of all kinds. Some may be intimidated by my size, but I just love everyone!

Who’s got 4 paws and is told she’s a good girl? THIS GIRL!

Liko – December 2019

Our December Pet of the Month is here!

Our holiday treat to end 2019 is Liko, a 1-and-a-half-year-old, Golden Retriever, who is friendly and energetic. Liko really loves playtime and his tennis balls, especially late in the evenings.

Some of Liko’s hobbies include digging holes, sleeping much of the day away and staying up all night long, chewing on socks, and trying to get as many treats as possible, which he is smart enough, to come up with being super cute, to get the inexperienced person to give him, any chance he gets.

Liko’s favorite time of the year is winter because he has a blast playing and jumping in the fluffy snow and making sure that he gets himself and anyone around him full of that lovely white stuff.  Make sure though that if you are unwrapping those gifts you keep him away because he will make sure that he helps opens all your gifts as well!

Dash – November 2019

Dash is Our November Pet of the Month, and This Sweet Little Gray Feline May Have Had a Hard Start in Life but is Bound to Have a Gobbling Good Time Here on Out!!!

Dash made his way into his family’s heart by way of his best friend Jackson. Jackson brought Dash home during a rainstorm and demanded the family’s attention outside their door. Jackson’s family was able to catch and bring this darling little kitten in and Jackson, “of course” was just as proud as could be, that he saved this cute young man.

Dash’s family originally proceeded to put him back outside and lock him in their barn until the next day, when arrangements could be made for him to be in the house. By the next day unfortunately, Dash had found a way to trap himself in their UTV and they could not find him. The family had decided to use the UTV and drove off with little Dash inside…. Let’s just say that the UTV stopped promptly and of course it was during another rainstorm and his family had to coax him out, again in the rain and mud.

Dash’s family believe they are the luckiest family in the world for him to have come into their lives.

Dash was named Dash due to his love of dashing all over the house, but he is just as content to lay on your lap and purr his life away. As you can see from the photo’s Dash and Jackson are still the best of friends and they love to snuggle. Dash has made such an impression on everyone that you, just can not help but love him.

So, this Thanksgiving you will find Dash all warm and well fed in his home and with the loves of his life, his family!!!

Quincy – October 2019

Quincy is our October Pet of the Month and this, gray chinchilla has a wild personality! He is a real spitfire and exceptionally smart, which means once he’s out of the cage, he is nearly impossible to catch! He dodges and fakes directions so quickly that by the time his owner sees him, he is at the other side of her room behind his cage, where he is difficult to catch! Quincy is also not easily fooled by treats: he would rather zoom around the room than eat any treat his owner offers. Sometimes, he is even quick enough to nab it out of her hand and still escape capture! However, once Quincy is in his best friends’ arms, he is the sweetest, most docile creature ever and he always loves to snuggle with her.

Our October Pet of the Month is no trick and he is one treat that his owner will always keep!!!

Marsie – September 2019

Marsie is our September Pet of the Month!!!

It may be fall, but the cooler weather is not going to slow this cool rider down. Marsie loves to go for rides in the convertible with her family, and she just attended her first car show at the end of August; where this little girl became the star of the show. Marsie can bring a smile to anyone’s face and she has the ability to get others to talk about their own fur babies current and past.

If this sweet little girl is not playing fetch, you will find her playing with her favorite gorilla or fox toy around the house or making new puppy friends with all those that come to the house for a visit. At times she can be a bit rambunctious, with her friends but they seem to warm up to her and all have a good time!

This Maltese Mix darling joined her forever family in March of 2019 when she was just 10 weeks old and has managed to bring joy and happiness to all, you will not find any leaves dropping onto our September Sweetheart!!!

Vayda – August 2019

Vayda is our August Pet of the Month!!!

This fantastic summertime pup is usually very calm and quiet, unless she decides she decides she wants to play with her barnyard cat friends, licking them or gently pulling their tails, always wanting to playing tag.

This lucky and loyal girl lives on a hobby farm with horses and always wants to be around her family and barnyard friends.

Vayda enjoys teasing her human sister Haley, as well and will become very sassy when trying to get Haley’s attention or when she wants to play.

Vayda has recently graduated from Beginner obedience class and is currently excelling in the Intermediate class.

Even though Vadya has webbed feet for swimming she is still uncertain about water. She will wade up to her neck but is still afraid to take her first swimming paddles.

If you are looking for a wonderful beach buddy, just bring the toys and you will not have to look any further than this true summertime princess!

Libby – July 2019

Libby is a Lab mix who came to her family from a foster home in Minnesota three years ago, when she was just eight weeks old. This little firecracker was spunky right from the start! She quickly developed a love for tennis balls which she continues to carry with her to the present. Libby loves to run fast and retrieve the tennis ball, and the father you throw it, the better.

When Libby needs to cool down, her pink kiddie pool is a favorite, but if that’s not available, the muddy puddle at the end of the driveway works just fine. Libby’s second favorite thing is digging; whether it be in the snow, water, or dirt. One of her favorite water spots is Bluegill park; where she digs rocks from the bottom of the lake which she will bring back to shore to share with anyone who wants a gift.

This 4th of July sparkler has a love for her family, any person she meets, and her “boyfriend” Leo who lives in the house behind her.

Libby loves to go to the bank with her daddy; where she goes inside and “helps” with transactions, entertains customers waiting in line, and the tellers who always have special treats waiting just for her; after which she goes to manager’s office to get an extra special treat that they get special just for her.

Libby enjoys many car rides and walks with her mommy. She loves to run errands with her owner’s daughter, Pam. Thy play ball every day and share a snack each night. Libby also loves her talks with Eric, and they share a special bond.

If we could summarize Libby in one word, it would be…”HAPPY”!

Libby would like to thank all the vets and employees at Mosinee Veterinary Clinic for giving her this opportunity to tell everyone about herself and share her story.

Layla Gem – June 2019

Say hello to our June Pet of the Month, Layla Gem! Any guesses as to what breed Miss Layla is?

Layla Gem is such a summertime sweetie, she loves to run and play with her toys and anyone she meets!!!

This little cuddle bug may not have fur, but she sure will warm the heart of any lingering chills, so that your summer is filled with sunshine and warmth!

Layla Gem’s favorite food is Chicken and she will gobble it up without complaint!!!